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It is always an honour to be asked to teach Dublin Fire Brigade personnel and paramedics conflict resolution skills and self-defence tactics. We were once again invited back to The O’Brien Institute, Dublin to train the latest recruits as part of their training programme. Topics included:

Conflict Resolution
Verbal de-escalation
Scene Safety

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My Failing Relationship, By Aidan Carroll

If I am being honest with myself, the signs were obvious. I chose to deny them. Believing the relationship was strong, this was reinforced when friends and family would often comment how solid our bond was. There were times when we seemed inseparable. An allegiance welded together and nurtured from when we first met many years ago.

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Notice Me! by Aidan Carroll

Abraham Maslow, the renowned American psychologist is probably best known for creating Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. His theory of psychological health based on innate human needs.
When we look at his theory we see the most important is Physiological as the foundation of human needs; categorized as food, water, air, sleep, homeostasis and excretion.

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Self-defence tips you shouldn’t leave the house without. First of all, the “keys between the fingers” approach is a bad idea…

Self-defence tips you shouldn’t leave the house without First of all, the “keys between the fingers” approach is a bad idea…
As the chief instructor at Hard Target Self-Defence Systems in Donabate, Aidan Carroll is well-versed in the best methods to get you out of sticky street situations as unscathed as possible.

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NEWS!! Check out our NEW Tatami matted training area.

Since moving to our new home in September last year, we’ve been busy fitting out the academy, slowly transforming it into a comfortable state of the art facility to train. Just this week, after a lot of hard work and committment, we’ve finally completed our new Tatami matted training area. Thanks to Shaker Carroll for taking the time to fit the mats for us.

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