Close Protection Bodyguard Training BTEC/Edexcel Course


Fully accredited Close Protection Operations (Bodyguard) Training course. Essential to work within Ireland, Europe or England. BTEC/EdExcel Level 3 Award in Close Protection.

This qualification is essential for operatives who wish to work within Ireland, Europe or England or for any U.K registered private contracting company.

August 19th to 30th, 2019, closing date for booking is Friday, July 19th, contact us for more details.


The Intelligent Security Training Academy and Hard Target Self Defence Academy will be running a fully accredited Close Protection Operations course in 2020. Please contact us for further details.

Upon successful completion of the course each candidate will receive a recognised BTEC/Edexcel Level 3 qualification in Close Protection Operations.

This qualification is essential for operatives who wish to work within Ireland, Europe or England or for any U.K registered private contracting company. It is the law in the U.K under the private security act 2001 that all operatives are licenced by the Security Industry Authority (S.I.A) and there are substantial fines for those caught working without a licence.

The qualification also has its merits elsewhere in the world as more and more employment agencies in this particular sector of security are recognising the certification received as a standard internationally. We have contracts with supply companies from as far afield as Tahiti and Kazakhstan to train their existing staff to this level.

This is a unique opportunity for those employed in the security industry to take their profession to the next level. It is also a valuable course for ex-military or police looking to bridge the transition to the civilian executive protection market. Whatever your background, this course could very well be the key to a new and exciting career that may take you around the world providing protection for the rich and famous.

The course is intensive and requires a great deal of self-motivation, discipline, team work and focus, all attributes of a well-rounded C.P.O (close protection operative). The usual class time is from 09.00 hrs until 18.00 hrs but candidates are then expected to work on tasks and assignments that the instructors give on a daily basis, so be prepared to work into the night!

Each candidate is expected to complete a portfolio of their work over the two weeks which includes a 47 question workbook and all missions or assignments that they are given to work on. This portfolio will be assessed by an internal assessor and must be passed in order to complete the course.

There is also a main operation to be planned and executed which will also be assessed and finally a 60 question multiple choice exam on the last day of the course.

Course Content:
CP Legislation and Law
Roles & Responsibilities as a CPO
Threat & Risk Assessment
Surveillance Techniques
Venue Security Operations
Operational Planning
Interpersonal Skills and Considerations
Teamwork and Communication
CP Foot Drills and Exercises
Route Selection and Planning Ahead
Vehicle Tactics and Operations
Search Techniques and Procedures
Conflict Management Techniques
Anti-Terror Awareness
Cultural Differences & Customs
Krav Maga Combatives

Course Aim
The BTEC/Edexcel Level 3 Award in Close Protection is part of the United Kingdom’s requirements to obtain a licence from the Security Industry Authority (SIA). It is also possible with this qualification to gain the French equivalent of the SIA Licence – CNAPS. We offer assistance with the relevant paperwork for each qualification.

Our course aims to deliver both theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are required in Excecutive Protection. Our training package is fully comprehensive and goes well beyond the basic criteria as set down by the SIA. Extra curricular studies that we have added to our program include:

Assassination case studies
The History of modern close protection
Krav Maga unarmed combatives
Cardio and conditioning exercise circuits
Motorcade driving skills
Anti-terrorism awareness
Cultural differences & other customs
Working with children as a protection operative.

Who Should attend this course?
This course is designed for those wishing to transition from police, military or security backgrounds into the role of private executive protection or those wishing to embark on a career in the protective industries.

Our close protection course is fully accredited by one of the largest and best known awarding bodies in the world; Edexcel/BTEC. Edexcel are part of the Pearson Group for Education and Training and all of our instruction team have been authorised by this prestigious organisation to deliver our courses. Our Edexcel centre training number is 26439 and we are authorised to deliver Edexcel approved programmes throughout Europe, not many centres have this accreditation as most are confined to deliver training in the UK only.

Course Dates
August 19th to August 30th inclusive.
09.00 to 18.00 daily. Weekends are workdays and candidates will be expected to work on individual and group tasks in the evenings which will often terminate past 22.00hrs.

Dress Code and Additional Requirements
For classroom and practical tuition – smart casual (Denim is acceptable, sports wear is not). A shirt, tie and trousers will be required for some exercises.

Additional items to bring:
Laptop if you own one.
Sportswear for cardio, conditioning and combatives sessions.
A groin protector
A gumshield
A good pair of running shoes
2 recent Passport photos

Closing date for booking is Friday, July 19th, 2019. Contact us for more details, call 01 807 5037 or email