Teens Self-Defence Summer Camp is a unique self-defence program designed with today’s teenagers in mind.

2023 Dates August 9th, 10th, 11th.
Time: 10.00am – 1pm

Ages 12 yrs to 16 yrs

Family Discounts & Mates Rates available

Teen 1 – €50.00

Teen 2 from same family or group of friends – €45.00

Teen 3 from same family or group of friends – €40.00

Booking is essential. Reserve a place today. Deposit of €20.00 (inc. vat @ 9%). Contact info@hardtargetselfdefence.com


What is Teen Self-Defence?

Our teen self-defence program is a unique self-defence program designed with today’s teenager in mind. The modern teenager is always on the go in a busy world full of challenges and they need to know how to keep themselves safe and watch out for dangers.  Learning in a relaxed and and fun environment, with teens their own age, it doesn’t take long for our students to start picking up some “Street Smart Skills” to help them avoid conflict and stay safe.

What your teenagers will learn

  • How to deal with Bullying: (verbal, physical and Cyber Bullying)
  • Stranger Danger: self-protection game plans for teens to identify sinister and/or inappropriate behavior from an adult
  • Anti-Abduction Drills: skills and tactic’s to escape from a predator

Theory Modules

  • How to prevent getting picked on by their peers.
  • How to develop a self protection game-plan.
  • Understanding a predators rituals.
  • Knowing when to say NO
  • Understanding fear & intuition.
  • How to resist peer pressure & make positive choices

Practical Modules

  • How to defend against bullies.
  • How to defend from the ground or prone positions.
  • Defense against chokes, head locks, take downs, bear hugs, etc.
  • How to defend against larger and multiple attackers.
  • How to defend against adult attackers.