General Self Defence (Intermediate to Advanced) – Every Thursday


This class addresses all aspects of self-defence & self-protection and is run in a friendly and safe environment.

Every Thursday Night. Cost is €120.00 per month (4 weeks). Pre-Booking is essential. Each class is 2 hours in duration

**Due to the intense nature of general self-defence classes all new-comers must have completed our 2 Day Weekend Course and have had one to one lessons prior to signing up for this course!



This class is the most popular at the school. Anyone who wishes to attend must complete one of our 2 Day Introduction Courses first and complete a couple of one to one private lessons before joining the Thursday class. The introduction course takes place bi-monthly.

The Thursday night class addresses all aspects of self-defence and self-protection. It is a two hour class divided into two one hour classes.
The first hour deals with weapons defence, i.e. knife defence (attacks & threats), gun disarms, baton defence etc.

The second phase addresses various aspects, such as street grappling, ground-fighting, combative sparring and much more. You have the option to do both classes back to back, or if you prefer you can chose to do one.

Theory Module

  • Understanding the criminal mind-set
  • Reading body language before conflict
  • Physiological & psychological effects of adrenaline dump
  • Verbal de-escalation skills
  • Fear is your friend Understanding fear
  • When it’s time not to be nice
  • Self defence and the Law in Ireland
  • Brain engagements and action triggers

Practical Module

  • Release from choke & strangles
  • Release from wrist grabs
  • Knowing when and how to punch
  • Rape escape tactics The Fence (protecting your personal space)
  • Putting it all together – Defence against the FIST MAN
  • Defence Against Hand Bag Snatch
  • Defence Against Hair Pulls
  • Anti Abduction Drills Road
  • Rage Prevention skills

Every Thursday.

6.30-7.30pm (first phase: padwork, self-defence skills & tactics, ground fighting)

7.30-8.30pm (second phase: weapons defence, knife, gun, baton etc.)