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What was covered?

In light of recent events, the Hard Target Team decided to host a FREE weekend workshop for women & teens 12yrs+. It was a fantastic weekend with over 80 women showing up to take part – Grandmothers (inc. Great!), mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, cousins & friends!

Topics Covered:

1. How Predators Select their victims – Body Language; How aware are you of your body language and what does it say about you?
2. Anomalies in human behaviour – Something doesn’t seem right; Intuition is a gift, why you should never ignore this internal alarm bell.
3. How to Protect your Personal Space – What is initimate, personal & social space? Learn how to protect this space.
4. Anti-Abduction scenario training – How to create a shift in mind-set to stop any attack. Flight/Fight/Sticky Feet Syndrome explained.
5. Using your most powerful tool – your voice!
6. How & where to strike a predator – What to do if you are being sexually assaulted, dispelling myths and teaching self-defence skills to get you home safe.
7. Self Defence & The Law in Ireland – When it is legally ok for me to defend myself, my family, my property?
8. Analysis of footage of attacks and interviews with the survivors.

Interested in attending our women’s only class? Our weekly class starts back on Tuesday, September 11th, 2018, time: 7.45pm-9pm. Click below for more details