Hard Target Self Defence were delighted to have been recently invited out to Mastercard Ireland in Leopardstown to discuss with staff the topic of personal safety. Some of what was discussed:

The Colour Codes of Awareness; what colour code are you in?

White: completely switched off to your surroundings ie. walking & talking on phone, walking & texting on phone, earphones in, head down etc. etc. Basically not in the slightest bit aware of what is happening around you! If a predator is lurking, all they see is an ‘easy target’. Are you this easy target? The only time we should be in colour white is when we’re sleeping in bed!

Yellow: actively aware of your surroundings, not paranoid!! just aware of what is happening around you; displaying good confident posture and body language. No phone in hand, no hands in pockets, no headphones! Basically making yourself a ‘harder target’ to anyone lurking and waiting to pounce.

Orange: Specific alert; something doesn’t feel right, your internal alarm bell that is your intuition senses danger and is warning you of possible danger. What do you do? You listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you; get out of there, call for help, do not do one of the following: See the evidence, ignore your intuition, swallow your emotions, reason away the evidence and pretend all is well.

Red: the attack is imminent, what do you do now? Fight or Flight? You ACT. Run to safety if you can (flight), if this is not an option, you must defend yourself physically. Creating space between you and your attacker using ‘the fence’ technique; arms stretched out in front, chest height, palms open (this is a universal sign of peace, you don’t want any trouble); your dominant hand slightly back closer to your chest incase you need to strike, same stance for legs too, from this position, you can defend further.

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