There are no short cuts. I realized many years ago that to achieve positive goals they must be built on a solid foundation of consistency. This is a major part of all my teachings. Small and often is the key. From an early age, intuitively I knew it, but I often sought validation. On that journey I also learned that intuition never tricks you.

So how consistent do we need to be? How hard will you have to work? Will it be uncomfortable? This is relevant and proportionate to the goal. For example if you want good health, then eating nutritious food every day is important. But do we also need to exercise every day, what about twice a day… Is more not better? If your goal is to keep all your teeth until you check out, then brushing twice a day is advisable. It’s simple…..listen to your body. But to listen we must first learn to be still. Over the past 30 years I have tried and tested many different training methods in both of my passions, Martial Arts and Fitness Training. Another passion of mine is surrounding myself in wild nature. When I immerse myself in nature I understand that nothing is forced or out of balance, it is all consistently in harmony. Every autumn the trees shed, every spring the daffodils surface, every summer the mackerel arrive. Nature is relentless and consistent. It adapts and overcomes harsh times but it never gives up. I can relate to this. I often use the beauty of nature to assist me when teaching martial arts.

A favourite story (I know Riana loves!) is the one about the peeler crab. This is a prized bait us fisherman like to use. And when you understand nature you know when and where to find them. It can vary depending on temperature but a prime time is generally late April to early July. These amazing creatures take cover in estuaries and seek out safe houses! ie. cavernous rocks, various weeds, the keel of an abandoned boat, a Firestone tyre that has seen better days or even an old George Webb can provide cover from predators.

During this moulting phase the peeler crab shed their hard protective shell and must hide out until their new body armour is back in place. Only the foolhardy of peelers venture out of the safe house, to do so would be curtains! If a predator spots a peeler without his armour he knows it will be a very soft, filling and easy digestible snack.
Over my many years in Martial Arts and Self Defence training I have gone through a similar process. I gradually exposed myself to higher levels of training and sparring. This type of training conditions the body and mind and strengthens your armour. But it must be consistent.