Dublin Fire Brigade has 900 personnel. It’s hard to believe these hard working men and women would need training in breakaway techniques. There were numerous stories told of nasty situations that simply got in the way of what they were there to do – save lives and property from being destroyed. The world really is spiralling out of control when it comes to violence. Not even our fire personnel are safe from threats now. Long gone are the days when you’d breathe a sigh of relief upon seeing the blue flashing lights approaching in the distance. It seems nowadays, there are two imminent threats – the first being the incident (fire, injured victim etc.) and the second, having to have eyes in the back of your head keeping a close watch on the idiots in the background looking for trouble. It’s appalling. These same idiots may someday need assistance themselves and karma is a bitch! We’re delighted here at Hard Target to be able to assist and teach fire personnel techniques that someday may save the life of not only themselves but the life of the unconscious person or people. Every second counts and if our fire men and women are subjected to abuse and violence from by standers, the only person to suffer is the person unconscious on the ground.