On Saturday May 28th, 2016, we had the tough task of grading our Junior members. Each and everyone of them put in so much hard work, sweat and the occasional tear into their training over the last year. On Saturday, they endured an incredible 4 hours of both practical grading combined with a written exam in our Kidz -KombatĀ® programme. Everyone gave 100%. It was an absolute pleasure and inspirational to observe how well they all did. The younsters were examined on both practical and theory modules for example; how to prevent being picked on by their peers, knowing when to say NO to defending against chokes, head locks, take downs, bear hugs etc. When the school opened many years ago, I had no idea some of the members would be just 8 years old. That’s the beauty of self defence – it can be taught to everyone across the age spectrum. Personally speaking, I’m delighted to witness the progress in each of these young members. To know that maybe one day, the teachings of the school will be accessed by them resulting in them getting home safe. I’m really pleased to say the future looks very bright for the Hard Target School of Self Defence. New classes starting September 2016.