The Hard Target team were delighted to have been invited to TV3 studios, Dublin to appear on their Saturday:AM show. On Saturday July 9th, 2016, Aidan Carroll, Chief Instructor took presenters Laura Woods and Anna Daly through some self defence techniques specifically for women ie. protecting your personal space using ‘the fence’ technique, wrist grab release techniques and defending from hairpull/choke from behind. This Saturday, July 16th will see Aidan, Albert, Riana (assist. instrutors) and Emma (Kidz Kombat Hard Target student) appearing together focussing solely on defence techniques for children ie. secret password, release defence from bear hug and strong-V-weak body language. The final Saturday, July 23rd, both Aidan and Albert will take the viewers through self defence techniques for men ie. haymaker punch to the head defence technique as well as choke/knife defences. This was a great opportunity for the school and we are extremely grateful to TV3 for the opportunity. Watch playback here