‘My Failing Relationship’ by Aidan Carroll.

If I am being honest with myself, the signs were obvious. I chose to deny them. Believing the relationship was strong, this was reinforced when friends and family would often comment how solid our bond was. There were times when we seemed inseparable. An allegiance welded together and nurtured from when we first met many years ago.

I reckon it was about 15 years ago when the first crack appeared. The Ming vase had a flaw; I set about repairing it with the tenacity of a seasoned master craftsman. To the outside world, it looked perfect, flawless but we both knew the crack was masked and beginning to spread. At times the mask would slip exposing the ugly truth, the truth that our relationship had many flaws and my clandestine charade was as strong as a paper condom. Stress and worry were mounting and I knew I could no longer live a lie.

Many days, weeks and months passed as I tried to summon the courage to meet him. I needed to know him. What made him so alluring, what was the attraction? I had the skills, knowledge and physicality to squeeze the life out of him, my sinister thoughts unsettled me. But when we met, I instantly knew he was more powerful. I wanted to fight as I had done in the past. I was battled scarred. My hard exterior refined over many years was testament to my travails in the unforgiven arena of combat.

Acceptance took time; conclave conversations into the early hours tested every fibre of my being. When I truly acknowledged and yielded to his power………. I was free.

As the years passed, we have become firm friends, not a day goes by that we don’t meet. To be in his company always inspires me. I do hope you get to meet him some day. Those who have will know why. Once you invite him into your life, you’ll never want to be without him. He shattered my relationship into a million pieces. I am forever grateful. He is a master of disguise, look out for him. He is omni-present. His name is LOVE. And if you dare to let him in, he will destroy your relationship too and squeeze the life out of your ego.

Dedicated to my beautiful wife, thank you for introducing me to true love x
(My growing relationship).