The safety of children is a very important subject and one, that we here at Hard Target spend a lot of time focusing on. We spend a lot of time teaching children how to stay safe through our Kidz Kombat Classes and Teen Self-Defence, but we also work closely with the parent’s to teach them ways to keep their little-ones safe – after all, children are every parent’s greatest vulnerability.

Below I have listed some very important information that all parents should go over with their children. Make a point of doing this once a month with your children. We recommend that you keep it fun. After your child understands the importance of these guidelines ,bring a fun element to embedding this information by telling them you will quiz them once a month to see if they remember all the tips.

Always check first with your parents or the person in charge before you go anywhere or do anything. Be sure to check in regularly with your parents or a trusted adult when you’re not with them.

Have a password. At Hard Target we encourage all parents and children to have a password that only the child and parents know. If someone other than the child’s parents arrive to collect or pick up your child they must give the correct password otherwise you child should never go with this person, no matter how well the child knows the person.

So, if the next door neighbour arrives to pick your child up and your child’s asks what’s the password? If this person doesn’t know the password, your child must back away and shout stay away – STRANGER.

Things You Can Tell Your Children

  • Always take a friend when you play or go somewhere. It’s a lot safer and a lot more fun.
  • Never be tricked by people who offer you special treats or gifts . Never accept anything from anyone without your parents’ permission.
  • Stay safe when you’re home alone by keeping the door locked; not opening the door for or talking to anyone who stops by unless the person is a trusted family friend or relative( ask for password, see above), you feel comfortable being alone with that person, and the visit has been pre-approved by your parents; and never telling anyone who calls that you’re home by yourself. Have a neighbour or trusted adult you can call if you’re scared or there’s an emergency.
  • Never go alone to shopping centres, movies, video arcades, or parks. Take a friend with you, and always check first with your parents to make sure it’s okay.
  • Don’t panic if you feel lost. Identify the safest place to go or person to ask for help in reuniting you with your family. Never search for them on your own, and never go off alone with anyone who is trying to reunite you with your family. If your child gets lost in a shop, have an arranged location to meet up. I recommend at the cash registers/tills. With some shops now having many checkouts – pre arrange a particular one.
  • Never take short cuts.
  • Don’t wear clothing or carry items with your name on the outside.
  • Just because someone knows your name doesn’t mean they can be trusted.
  • Always walk against the traffic flow as it makes it difficult for cars to follow you.
  • Always walk in the middle of the pavement as it makes it harder for someone to pull you into their car.
  • Don’t get into a car or go near a car with someone in it unless you are with your parents or a trusted adult.
  • Never walk about talking using your mobile phone, texting and or wearing a personal stereo, this cuts off your awareness and makes you an easy target.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no and get away from a situation or person that makes you feel uncomfortable or confused. Be sure to tell a trusted adult if something happens that makes you feel this way.
  • Remember everyone is a stranger until your parents say otherwise.

If you would like more information on our children’s self defence program, Kidz Kombat, please feel free to contact us online or by phone on (01) 807 5037.