With the New Year upon us, many people will be thinking about ways to improve themselves and setting goals to reach their full personal potential. It’s the time of New Year’s resolutions. We would like to address one resolution and area of personal development that many people often neglect – their ability to get themselves or their loved ones home safely.

The majority of people will at some point in their lives have thought about learning skills to protect themselves or a loved one in a hostile situation.

Sadly, many choose not to pursue these feelings until it is too late, because they believe that to develop the skills to protect themselves they need to join a martial arts clubs and spend many months or years training before they could  “take care” of themselves if a situation becomes threatening.

However, the reality is the very opposite. To learn the skills to protect yourself takes very little time, the reason for this is that your natural reactions (and more importantly your intuition) are instinctive and inherent. What we teach you is how to understand these feeling and channel your energy and fears to your advantage.

We don’t show you how to kick an attacker to the head – WHY?

Because when we are faced with a potentially dangerous situation your legs may begin to shake, which is a side effect of adrenaline release. The reality is that your fine motor skills will be severely inhibited as your brain prepares you for ‘ Flight or Fight’ and gross motor functions kicks in. Even if you can deliver a head kick in the controlled environment of the Dojo (martial arts training area) it is a very different story on the street – where there are no rules.

We don’t teach you control and restraint techniques – WHY?

Because the fact remains that the only way to stun or stop an attacker is to shake his/her brain. Regardless of what you have heard or seen (in the movies), control and restraint techniques do not work every time, in fact they very rarely work at all, and if applied one-on-one it is almost sure to fail.

We don’t show defences with certain improvised weapons – such as keys, mobile phones, hairspray in the eyes etc – WHY?

Think of it this way – If a woman is being assaulted and she reacts by slashing the attacker’s face with a key – will this stop him? NO, it won’t; in fact, it will really anger him and make him more aggressive. Try hitting some hard surface with a mobile phone, the first thing that is likely to happen is the phone will break, try it a second time (if it is still in one piece) and I bet if you hit hard enough you will lose your grip. Look at your hands as a multi-functional tool. You can grab the attacker, you can punch, you can slap, you can rip, shred and gouge… all this and you will still be able to use your phone to call for help!

This is not a martial arts course – WHY?

Think of the situation – you are caught in an ambush attack and in a split second, you are faced with a knife-wielding thug who is screaming in your face and demanding that you get into the back of his van. What type of training will prepare you for this situation ?

1. Maybe you have been practising martial arts for many years and in that time you have become a really good club fighter. You train 3-4 times a week on a matted floor, in a nice clean and tidy environment. You wear your uniform while training, when sparring (fighting) you have rules, you have a referee, you are wearing protective equipment for your hands, head, feet, mouth, face and groin. You have water breaks and a time limit for each bout.


2. You have been training in a system that teaches you when to comply with an attacker and when to be ferocious. A system that trains outside in the dark, in the wet, in the cold, in the dog shit, in the broken glass, in blind folds, in loud music, in enclosed spaces, in a adrenalised  mindset, in a fatigued mindset, in your own clothes, on a bus, in a car, with a shock knife (a knife that emits an electric shock when it hits you). In a system that has only one rule – WE NEVER STOP HEAD-HUNTING (striking the attacker’s head) until he/she is no longer a threat.

We apologise if this offends any readers, this is not our intention, but the reality is when dealing with a massively aggressive assailant you will only escape or prevail if your training is REAL. The choice is yours.

If you are interested in learning a self-defence system that will prepare you for real-world situations and give you the skills needed to get home safe, we will be running our very popular and highly successful 2 day Self-Defence course on the 24th & 25th of January.

Details of our next Self-Defence course:
Course Curriculum

  • Understanding body language before conflict
  • Protecting your personal space
  • Anti-ambush drills
  • Verbal de-escalation skills
  • Aggression therapy drills
  • Pre-emptive strikes
  • Release from chokes & strangles
  • Knowing when and how to strike
  • Self-defence and the law in Ireland

All who successfully complete the course are awarded a certificate signed by Chief Instructor Aidan Carroll.

 You can book your 2 Day Weekend Self-Defence course ONLINE or by phoning us on (01) 807 5037. 

Recent Course Testimonials:

“This course absolutely lived up to my expectations. It was delivered by instructors with the highest standard of professionalism.” – Stephen Coady

“Both instructors Aidan and Albert were very professional. Everything we did was extremely relevant and realistic. The course exceeded my expectations.” – Clare Crowley