What do you think of when you read that word “workout”?

Sweat, pain, discipline and toned muscles? These attributes, results and side effects are all possible and sometimes necessary.

The Awareness Muscle

However to work your awareness muscles only takes a few minutes a day, with no sweat and no pain!

When newcomers come through the door of Hard Target School of Self Defence we begin to assess and work their awareness muscles immediately. This is done in many ways but I don’t want to give away too much!

For instance, handshakes are given at different intensities and sometimes no handshake at all. Subtle but obvious signs are often ignored. Body language is assessed; sitting, standing and walking.

All are providing me and my team with an understanding of the mind set of the new student and how we can better help them learn self-defence.

Improve Your Awareness

Like to improve your awareness? Try this awareness workout for five minutes a day. That’s all it takes but it must be done everyday.

The Most Important Element of Self-Defence

Think about this… the most important element of self defence is awareness.

No equipment is needed, no membership fee, no black eyes! You don’t need to be a high level martial artist to have sharp awareness skills. You don’t even have to sweat.

Awareness Exercise 1

Analyse your day (full 24 hours) and ask yourself when do you feel most vulnerable? Is it getting into your car after work when it’s late and dark? Is it lying in bed and thinking about the house alarm you have yet to purchase?

Is it when you have alcohol in your blood and you are not 100% aware of your surroundings?

The list goes on and on. Whatever your answer, I suggest you address the areas of concern and make them a “harder target”.

Awareness Exercise 2

When driving or walking (try to include both), begin taking in everything you see and hear. Note: you may not be able to see everything but you can hear. For example, count the amount of people you see using their mobile phones. Count the amount of people you see wearing a wrist watch. See if you can get an understanding who is left handed or right handed. This can be done sitting in a bus/train etc.

When driving it’s best (and safer) to do commentary driving (speaking out loud) of what you see on the road in front & behind you (don’t forget to use your mirrors)!

This can also be done while walking. Best to do internal dialogue, otherwise you may find yourself alone on the street!

Finally always listen to your intuition. It will never let you down.

Now that you have started to improve your awareness you may find you want to know more about developing your skill. To find out more you are welcome to visit our HQ in North Co Dublin. We have two day introduction courses running every month.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.